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From clean water and safe cookstoves to nutrition programs and educational access, we strive to give every community member, especially children, the resources they need to break the cycle of poverty.

We tailor all of our operations to be as effective as possible by collaborating with others to accomplish goals, employing locals to staff our offices, and only implementing projects that have proven to be the most effective.

Come explore what we do.


One of our oldest (20+ years running) and most effective programs. A pledge of $35/month to a child in a developing nation can change his or her life in incredible ways. Our child sponsorship program focuses on lifting children and their families out of poverty through the power of education. Your sponsorship goes directly to supporting the cost of sending him/her to school including tuition, books, uniforms, nutritious meals, and medical care.

Once you've chosen a child to sponsor, our program will keep you updated with the child's online profile, annual progress reports, and an e-mail system where you can write letters to him or her.

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We believe clean water is a right, and without it, serious health and education issues arise. Instead of attending school, children in local communities of Africa spend all day walking to collect filthy, contaminated water that leads to cholera, malaria, and other debilitating diseases.

In response, Good Neighbors started Water For Life, a project that strategically builds water wells near schools to improve the health of communities and encourage families to keep kids in school. One well serves a village of 4,000 for up to 21 years!

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3 billion people around the world cook, eat, sleep, and work around their indoor fires and old cookstoves every day. The toxic exhaust from indoor fires lead to more than 1.9 million premature deaths annually and contributes to emphysema, lower respiratory infections, lung cancer, and other diseases. Children are often sent out to collect firewood for the day instead of attending school.

Our cookstoves are changing lives: they're designed to eliminate toxic indoor gas exposure and reduce fuel consumption, and they're also multipurpose, serving as an oven, stove, furnace, and table for the family to gather around for meals.

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Food is a right and more than one billion people - almost a sixth of humanity - don't have access to it, according to the United Nations. At Good Neighbors, we're working to feed as many children as possible. We've been sending a variety of foods including chicken, beef, beans, rice, corn powder, and juice supplements to 18 countries in need. A $1 donation can send up to four bowls of food to a child.

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Five years after a devastating earthquake, Haiti still needs us. Help us re-build schools, medical centers, and homes for a community that has lost so much. Every donation counts.

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Lighting up Nueva Oasis in La Fragua.

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In Malawi, nearly 50% of girls are married by the time they turn 18 years old. Project Good Sisters aims to raise awareness and campaign against early marriage and adolescent pregnancy by providing a year-round program to advocate for girls to prioritize their education. This is achieved through reproductive health and hygiene seminars, child right awareness campaigns and after school programs and field trips.

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