project 1

Inserting Content

You can use bootstrap for layouts, but this site is not resonsive. It’s more for the benefit of being able to use columns

Use the html equivalent of special characters(notice the apostrophe had to be written out as ' in code). This has to be done because the raw code editor has to be used in Joomla instead of a WSYWIG editor due to custom requests requiring code.

All styles that are not already on any of the stylesheets can be added at the top of this section

Saving the Content on the Site

The code editor inside Joomla doesn’t take javaScript, or any dynamic content. In order to be able to create dynamic content, you have to build it in an outside page.

Next, go to the admin panel and create a new article, name it and save it. You should be able to get the article number once you save it.

If the content is simple (HTML/CSS only):

Go to the article you just created and paste the code inside the -- PAGE CONTENT STARTS HERE-- into the article.

If the content has dynamic components

When you’re done writing the code for the page, copy everything inside the -- PAGE CONTENT STARTS HERE-- commented lines. Then paste it on to the _page.php file. Save As the project that it’s going to be about(i.e. if the project is Water Well Rejuvination Project, name the file wellrejunivationproject.php). Save this new file into the /includes folder in the main website.

After you have created the page, you have to add it into index.php.

Edit the .htaccess file in the website root to include the new page if a custom page is needed.