Nepal Emergency Earthquake Relief

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The epicenter of the April 25th earthquake in Nepal was near two Good Neighbors Community Development Project sites located in Gorkha and Kaski.

Current death toll reports are mainly focused on the population-concentrated Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital. The death toll in Gorkha and Kaski are expected to be much worse, as road conditions accessing both communities are in very poor condition. The main modes of transportation include riding donkeys and walking, therefore assessing the actual damage will be extremely difficult.

Both communities are located in high altitudes, especially Gorhka, which is located on rugged and mountainous terrain at least 12,000 ft high. Thus, its villages are separated and medical teams have difficulty accessing the community.

Good Neighbors first began working in Nepal in 2002, and currently works in 20 different communities throughout the country. We support a child sponsorship program of approximately 20,000 children who receive access to education, and more than 100,000 men, women and children who participate in our community development projects.

Good Neighbors has been working in Gorhka and Kaski for 10 years and has constructed schools, built community centers, established resident unions, and other development projects. Currently, the Good Neighbors emergency response team in Nepal is divided into medical, supply distribution, and investigation teams, and is actively working on securing shelters in each community.

Many Nepali people spent the night on the streets in fear of the earthquake’s aftershocks, and are waiting for safe shelter, food, water, and blankets. It is expected to rain today in Kathmandu and Gorhka, but since people are concerned about being inside a facility/structure, they have chosen to sleep outside in the rain instead. Houses and buildings in Gorhka and Kaski are traditionally constructed with soil and/or stone, so they were prone to easily collapse from an earthquake. Initial reports show that 80% of homes in Gorhka have collapsed.

Good Neighbors has committed to emergency relief funds of $400,000 and is planning on providing blankets, water, food, and shelter, starting with the victims who are injured.

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