Good Sisters Project

Good Sisters!

This Holiday Season, give some love to your (global) neighbor. By donating to Good Neighbors, you will be providing resources for children all over the world who dream of a better future. Your support will give hope for a community to thrive by building schools, providing books, uniforms, meals, medical care, access to clean water, and more. Your tax-deductible gift will empower villages to strive for better lives, not only their families, but for their entire community and country… ultimately breaking the cycle of poverty. Join us this holiday season and Give Love around the world.

Good Sisters focuses on girls between 12 to 18 years old, and becomes a safe space for girls in high-poverty villages in Malawi to:

  • Learn about their rights as girls
  • Encourage them to pursue primary and secondary education
  • postpone the age of marriage until adulthood.

Participants are encouraged to share the learnt information with their friends, growing the network of information so that other girls can be encouraged to join the club and be empowered know their rights and pursue their education.

Good Sisters provides education about HIV/AIDS and menstrual health by implementing programs where girls make their own sanitary pads to overcome the attendance-limiting stigma associated with menstruation.

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With your support, Good Neighbors can help expand the Good Sisters project by:

  • Grow the current Good Sisters project in Katsumwa, Malawi by 140% (grow from 50 girls to 120 girls), and provide enough sanitary pad fabrics and sewing materials for each girl enrolled
  • Build a private toilet and sanitary facility so girls can take care of their needs with dignity
  • School book bags so girls can hide their sanitary pads when they go to school
  • Increased awareness of gender inequality throughout their community, so girls can support and empower each other in a safe environment