Bright Lights


Lighting up Nueva Oasis in La Fragua, Guatemala, one solar light bulb kit at a time.

Magdalena, a single mother of 3 children, shows us the single candle that illuminates her home at night.

Imagine going home every day to darkness. The residents of Nueva Oasis, a village in La Fragua, Guatemala are day laborers, working on farms and fields, and the average income is less than $3/day. After working 14-hour days, they head back to their families and to homes lit by a single taper candle, because in villages throughout La Fragua, they lack the most basic things, such as running water, electricity, or access to any power grids.

When the sun sets, even the simplest of daily activities become difficult to take care of, because there is no light or access to power. Imagine cooking dinner in the dark, or doing homework by candlelight - a simple gust of wind can blow out the candle, making everyday tasks difficult and inefficient.

The entrance to homes in Nueva Oasis, La Fragua.

For safety, homes in this community are protected by strings of barbed wire, but imagine walking around at night, with no lights and couldn’t see what was in front of you. It’s scary to think about how dangerous your surroundings can be, even around your own home and community, simply because you can’t see anything other than what’s illuminated by
the moon.

There are tragic cases of violence against women and children, and home robberies due to the lack of light, so imagine how much safer it would be for families if only their homes were brighter.

The goal of PROJECT BRIGHTLIGHTS is to provide homes with a solar light bulb kit, which will illuminate their space and dramatically improve their daily lives, allowing families to enjoy a bright, comfortable home. But most importantly, families will be give a basic necessity that everyone has the right to—LIGHT.

By providing solar light bulb kits to families, entire communities will be able to use their precious evening hours in ways they couldn’t before:

  • Children can study once the sun sets, and not compromise their vision by having to read or write by candlelight; this can dramatically improve their school performance and encourage students within the community to study together and support each other;
  • Adults can perform daily responsibilities in the safety of an illuminated room, allowing them to be far more productive;
  • The light around homes will also brighten up walkways, increasing community safety.

The quality of life will be increased, and families and neighbors can spend more time together and feel safe in their homes.