Wall of Awesome

We did it, thanks to you!

Good Neighbors launched our first crowdfunding campaign, Coffee Meets Water, on Indiegogo last Fall, asking for your support to help repair broken water wells in Sidama, Ethiopia, the largest coffee-producing region in the country. Because of every dollar that was donated and all the awareness on social media, we raised 177% of our original goal! As a result, our team was able to repair 10 broken water wells in Sidama this past January.

THANK YOU to everyone who supported Coffee Meets Water. Every single action, no matter how big or how small, can change lives. As a result, the lives of over 2,000 people in Ethiopia have been changed.

See how you changed lives here:

Check out our Wall of Awesome People, listing Coffee Meets Water donors who contributed at $10 or higher in alphabetical order (names listed match the funders list publicly displayed on our Indiegogo page). To change how your name is listed, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . To see more photos from Coffee Meets Water, visit us on Instagram.

Visit our Coffee Meets Water campaign on Indiegogo.

Wall of Awesome People

  • 925 Films
  • Anonymous
  • beltranm16
  • Camille and Brennan
  • cathybwalton
  • ClaudineCorbanese
  • denisem740
  • erikamartha10
  • irishsun6
  • jamiemhume
  • jchesky
  • joez.mariag
  • Juno
  • kk2261
  • lisapickering
  • Melinda Chen
  • monicahsu2
  • rgchiara
  • stevinson.ott
  • a.marie.dub
  • atlantic2200
  • bobakroshan
  • carmengismondo
  • cbechetti
  • curry_endra
  • dmerryl
  • Frank Sanchez
  • jacquie8175
  • Janet Bidwell
  • jhbstar
  • jorourke99
  • kaitlynyeo97
  • kristinameteenk
  • LRH2232
  • Mimi Lee
  • neighborsconstruction
  • shelbylikesmath
  • Sue Chan
  • andybyun
  • Barista Magazine
  • brooke79
  • Cathy Cheng
  • Celeste & Stephen
  • daniela.zyskowski
  • eo
  • gkushida
  • Jaehak Kim
  • jantykim
  • jjkang62
  • jrom49
  • katie.cerulli
  • lcurry7570
  • marcus8490
  • nerissa.berrios
  • somethingnotasobvious
  • yaguchi
  • soliromero

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