2013 January Child Sponsorship Campaign 2

Sponsorship Changes Everything.

Nagarani, 16, from India

Nagarani and Friend

Nagarani (r.) has been receiving medical care and tuition support from her sponsor since 2010 and is now a happy, healthy young woman.

She was brought to a Good Neighbors health clinic,

where the staff treated her and matched her with a South Korean sponsor named Ms. Miran Woo so she could receive continuous financial support. Nagarani’s medical care was covered and, once her health improved, Ms. Woo’s sponsorship made it possible for her to attend school by covering her tuition, uniforms, books, and lunchtime meals.

Now, at 16, Nagarani is a healthy, vibrant young woman who is doing well in school, enjoying time with her family and friends, and especially thankful to Ms. Woo for supporting her for more than four years

I am so grateful to be recovering from my condition. What makes me really happy is the fact that I can now go to school.


I felt relief and excitement when Good Neighbors told me that Nagarani is healthy again and going back to school. It’s one of those days that I will never forget.

-Ms. Miran Woo,
Nagarani’s sponsor

Being a sponsor can change a child’s life in so many ways. We invite you to see firsthand how you can create opportunities for others by supporting a child from one of the five countries we’re now working in:
Chad, Malawi, Guatemala, Nepal, and the Dominican Republic.

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