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Somang Society Pre-School: Operational Report

Country Name/CDP: Chad Ndou (Amnaback CDP)

Prepared by: Celestin EJIKE

Approved by: Park Geun Sun

Prepared on: 6/19/2013

Summary of Operation

Project Name: Somang Society Pre-school contruction.

Project Plan:

  • Construct 2 classroooms
  • Construct an office
  • Construct a playground

Summary of Village

Village Name:

Ndou (Amnaback CDP)

Village Location:

Ndou is located within one of 9 districts in the suburban area of N’djamena (city’s capital), located in the southeastern portion of the region, about 18 km (a 20-minute car ride) from the Good Neighbors office in N’djamena. It is surrounded by the villages of Kalwa, Donatella, Amnaback, Kormada, and Kabé.

Regional Profile:

Ndou is a small village located along the Chari River with approximately 500 inhabitants. Most of the villagers are farmers and the community is very poor. Men and women often marry at the young age and have at least three children. The majority of incomes are spent on food for the family. There is a primary school in the village but it’s very small and primitive, made mostly from straw, so it’s an uncomfortable and unreliable place for children to attend class.

Necessity of Operation & Expected Outcomes

Why is further community development important in this region?

  1. In 2009, Somang Society donated a water well to the Ndou village. Prior to this, villagers were walking miles each day to collect water that was filthy and hazardous to their health. Since the installation of the clean water well, waterborne diseases have been dramatically reduced and the overall health of the community has increased. Villagers are happy, healthy, and productive. However, the next crucial step in community development involves investing in educational opportunities for children. We would like to see that accomplished through the building of a Somang Society pre-school
  2. Ndou is an underprivileged community. More than 60% of adults are illiterate and children account for more than 50% of the population - yet the nearest school is 3 kilometers away. Primary school enrollment is at 70% and there is no nursery school. Many children under the age of 8 still can’t read and their educational progress is very limited. A new, appropriate learning facility is urgently needed. The construction of a pre-school would contribute greatly to the educational opportunities this village needs.
  3. This project will build educational facilities and improve learning opportunities for children within the Ndou community. The nursery school enrollment rate is expected to increase by 60% in five years.
  4. Expected project outcomes
    • 2 classrooms that support 100 children
    • Improved studying conditions
    • Schools support children’s access to the Good Neighbors/Somang Society water well

Project Purpose

  1. To construct pre-school for this community
  2. To increase educational opportunities
  3. To improve relationships with local community members

Expected Outcomes

  1. Improved educational facilities
  2. Improved school enrollment rate of children by 60% in five years
  3. Continued community development of the Somang Society water well

Number of People Served

500 community members, 100 children (under 8 years old)

Operation Schedule

Expected start date:
July 8, 2013

Construction Period:
July 8 - September 13 (2 months)

Total Budget


Nursery School Operation Plan (Post Construction)

Time: October 1 - June 15, Monday-Friday, 7:30am - 12:30pm

Director (1 person): From community or government
Teacher (2 persons): From community or government

Subjects taught: Art, Music, Physical Education, etc.

Tuition: 21,000 CFA $42/Year (Good Neighbors 70%, Parents 30%).
Teacher and Director Salary: about USD $100/Month (1 teacher)

The Somang Society pre-school will be operated by community members. Good Neighbors Chad supports tuition only. However, Good Neighbors Chad can advise and support the school as needed.

Details of Budget

  • Construction of 2 classrooms : $ 18,000
  • Construction of 1 office : $ 4,000
  • Construction of 1 playground : $ 4,000
  • Admin costs: $3,020
  • Extra costs: $1,180

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