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1. Dominican Republic Headquarters Office

The Dominican Republic is located in the Caribbean, a region of islands in the center of the North, South and Central American sub-regions. It shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti. In spite of robust economic growth during the last 3 decades, the Dominican Republic is still a highly unequal society where about 44% of its population lives in poverty and about 20% under extreme poverty conditions, according to UNDP statistics.

Good Neighbors opened its field office for Dominican Republic in July 2010, in response to the earthquake that devastated the neighboring country of Haiti, in January of that year. The office served as a channel for the organization to contribute to and assist with the international community’s efforts to help rebuild the country a recover from the effects of the quake.  Good Neighbors decided to establish community development projects in the Dominican Republic that would provide opportunities for Dominican communities to empower themselves and build social capital and in turn start a process of sustainable development.

GNDOM’s goals are set to impact local communities with development programs that target their specific needs. These projects include child sponsorship programs, income generation, rural development and agriculture, children’s rights protection and advocacy and human promotion in general. We believe in the strength of partnership and we strive to collaborate with local organizations so each community in which GNDOM intervenes can build its own path towards a better quality of life.

Good Neighbors Dominican Republic (GNDOM) has initiated a number of projects, including the following:

  • Installed four hand pump water wells in Hato Mayor province
  • Completed intake for sponsorship of nearly 900 children from a Santo Domingo slum, Los Guandules
  • Completed Field Research in various provinces throughout the country
  • Funded ongoing Micro-saving educational seminars for local women, who in turn can now teach others in their community how to save, and thus mitigate their risk
  • Partnered with other local NGOs, International Organizations and local government, including UNDP SGP, Hato Mayor Province Senator office in order to plan and implement sustainable development projects
  • Held a week-long health check for sponsored children to provide much needed medical evaluations and health supplies

2. Los Guandules Community Development Project

Los Guandules is an impoverished urban slum in Santo Domingo, the capital city of the Dominican Republic. Good Neighbors Dominican Republic chose this location for a community development project because all of its socioeconomic indicators reveal this is a community in critical condition in regards to social exclusion. The project focuses on a Child Sponsorship Program that aims to protect infants and help families in Los Guandules break the cycle of poverty.  There are 900 children enrolled and by 2013 that figure is expected to increase up to 2,500 children. The project also includes a broader spectrum of community development modules, such as a daycare center, computer training center, good parenting and sex education workshops, sanitation and house repair assistance, small business incubation and a community center facility built for the entire community.

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