World Water Day

World Water Day March 22 2012

3 Ways To Celebrate World Water Day With Us

Give A New Water Well To A Village

Visit our Water For Life project page and learn how you can donate a clean water well to a village. A new well can serve 4,000 people for up to 21 years! Access to clean water helps keep kids in school and prevents water-borne diseases from spreading in communities.

Spread The Word About Our Water For Life Project

Help us go viral! Share our Water For Life page with friends and family on Facebook or tweet us at @GoodNeighbors with the hashtag #Water4Life.

Learn About How Water Affects Our World

Scroll down below to read and watch videos about how water ties in to the food crisis and what you can do to create positive change.


See us build a brand-new water well for a village in Chad, Africa.


Stay informed on issues related to this year's World Water Day theme of 'Water and Food Security' by watching the following videos.