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Tanzania is economically and politically peaceful country in East Africa, southern part of Sahara desert. The population is approximately 43.5 million, most them living under 1 USD per day.

Good Neighbors Tanzania has been working in 5 Community Development Projects last year in 2 regions; Dar es Salaam and Morogoro, and we are waiting for an approval for a new CDP in Tanga region. We are doing our best to transform the world into a peaceful and secure place where no one suffers from starvation, no one gets sick from preventable diseases, and everyone is comforted and respected without any alienation for any reasons as GNI recommended.




Good Neighbors Tanzania has established 2 more projects in 2010, increasing the number of children supported to 3,163. We have been supporting in various dimensions such as education, balanced nutrition, water and sanitation, day care center, vocational training center, income generations programs and advocacy to all communities. Madale CDP has Rafiki Day Care Center which gives pre-school children an opportunity to learn at elementary level. Also Madale CDP is operating Tegeta Vocational Training Center to provide vocational education for students who have not been able to enter secondary school. Due to our efforts, the rate of entrance to Rafiki Day Care Center has increased by 20%. There are still many children who would like to join the Rafiki Day Care Center, therefore we hope to expand classrooms and employ more teachers. GNTZ is not only giving educational support to Madale but to other CDPs as well. In Alimaua CDP the graduate rate has increased by 4% and in Msimbazi CDP by 9% compared to 2009. These remarkable increases have brought a hope to the staff and local community leaders. Moreover, Pangawe CDP helped to vitalize in local community’s economic through income generation program. In every CDP, GNTZ conducted nutrition program to prevent children from malnutrition by supporting well-nourished food monthly or quarterly.



Mambo?(Hi!) Hakuna matata(everything is ok here), Good Neighbors Tanzania appreciates sponsors’ and all staff’s willingness to support with their hearts which have already given the hope to children and to local communities. Almost everyone in our CDPs is not able to afford one meal per day. However with Good Neighbors, their situations are improving. These are all because of the numerous support from our sponsors. We would like to give our special thanks. We have planned to establish two new Community Development Projects in Kigamboni Buyuni(Dar es Salaam) and in rural area called Ntene (Lindi region, southern part of Tanzania). We expect to start these two CDPs from August 2011 to help people to fight against poverty. Asante Sana. (Thank you very much)

[Photo 01: All Staff]



[Photo 02:Alimaua CDP]

-The name of program: Child Rights Campaign “Watoto wana haki ya kupendwa”

-Project: Alimaua Community Development Project

-Target Audience: Parents and children in Alimaua

-Time: December 21st, 2010

-Contents of the program: Good Neighbors Tanzania together with TPC church at Alimaua conducted child rights campaign for parents and guardians in order to educate them about child rights and how to protect children from abusive issues. “Watoto wana haki ya kupendwa” means children have the right to be loved by everyone.

-Outcome of the program: Almost 200 people attended the campaign.


[Photo 03: Madale CDP01]

-The name of program: Sports day at Tegeta vocational Training Center

-Project: Madale Community Development Project

-Target Audience: Tegeta Vocational Training Center Students

-Time: August, 2010

-Contents of the program: Tegeta Vocational Trainig Center organized the sports day for all students and attended at VETA Sport competition.

-Outcome of the program: The aim of this event is to make teachers and students come together. In VETA sport competition, TVTC won the first prize in 200m, 400m athlete and second prize in football.


[Photo 04: Pangawe CDP]

-The name of program: Construction of dispensary

-Project: Pangawe Community Development Project

-Target Audience: Pangawe community

-Time: October, 2010

-Contents of the program: Good Neighbors Tanzania in cooperation with KOICA, Orange Mission, and community played a big role in supporting the dispensary construction project.

-Outcome of the program: The health center will help the people around the community to get medicine and treatment for the health also advice for better health.


[Photo 05: Mkundi CDP]

-The name of program: Construction of water tanks

-Project: Mkundi Communty Development Project

-Target Audience: Mkundi community

-Time: October, 2010

-Contents of the program: Good Neighbors Tanzania cooperated with PGM (Proffessionals for global mission) and the community to link water from the source to the households and schools.

-Outcome of the program: It will help the people to get clean water for their daily activities especially domestic ones for women and children.


[Photo 06: Madale CDP02]

-The name of program: Distributing well-nourished food

-Project: Madale Community Development Project

-Target Audience: Kisauke and Nakasangwe Primary School students

-Time: August, 2010

-Contents of the program: GNTZ has given out well-nourished food to our sponsored children.

-Outcome of the program: Children are no longer suffering from starvation.


[Photo 07: Madale CDP03]

-The name of program: Rafiki Day Care Center and Tegeta Vocational Training Center Graduation day

-Project: Madale Community Development Project

-Target Audience: Students at Rafiki Day Care Center and Tegeta Vocational Training Center

-Time: December 3rd, 2010 (Rafiki), December 17th, 2010 (TVTC)

-Contents of the program: GNTZ celebrated on finishing course and awarded students with the best effort.

-Outcome of the program: About 75 students graduated from TVTC after complete their courses. More than 100 people attended at the graduation ceremony including Mr. Sung Chul Bang (Country Director of Good Neighbors Tanzania-eastern chapter), Mr.Kisinda (Principal of Tegeta vocational Training Center) and the chairperson of local government leadership of Mivumoni Mr.Deo Kamugisha. About 40% of graduate students are now employed. Also there was the 4th graduation ceremony for Rafiki Day Care Center children, 45 children graduated on December 3rd, 2010 after completing their elementary l   evel of education to join primary schools.