GN Pakistan


1. Pakistan Head Office

Good Neighbors Pakistan is located in Haripur, about 50 miles away from Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. The population of Haripur is about 800,000 and most people work in agriculture. Because 99% of the population is Muslim and the region is very conservative, education and social activities are severely limited. Good Neighbors Pakistan works to broaden opportunities for women—especially those who have been shunned from society—by providing free classes in computers, English, literacy, and crafting.

2. Haripur Children Education/Vocational Training Center

After the 2005 earthquakes in Pakistan, Good Neighbors Pakistan In response to the 2006 earthquakes in Pakistan, Good Neighbors Pakistan was established and started Haripur community development project in November, 2006. Good Neighbors has been operating child education centers and a job training center for women about 6 years.

Child education centers offer free computer classes for 20 children from poor families and contribute to improvement of school admission and employment rates. In addition, the job training center has English and computer classes for women who are suffering from poverty and gender discrimination. Along with these programs, Good Neighbors helps local women protect rights and interests as well as promotes employment for women.

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