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GN Philippines


GNI Philippines Annual Country Report 2011

Introduction of Country and Project

The Philippines still  remain as a third world country despite the increase of its Gross Domestic Product in the recent years. This is also the election year for national and local officials and people are hopeful that the result of the first automated election is a reliable one and the new administration will bring new hope to the country. GDP growth is a good thing, but the poverty rate of the country remains high  with no significant change.

As the national picture of the Philippines shows a high poverty rate, the areas and communities where Good Neighbors Philippines are rendering its programs and services shows the real condition of the marginalized people in the local level. Since its establishment in 2008, GN Philippines had its vision to respond to the needs of the communities, especially the basic needs of children for education, health, empowering them with rights and at the same time develop the communities through implementation of sustainable community development projects. GN Philippines covers five (5)  different communities  in Brgy, San Isidro, Rodriguez Rizal, and had expanded the area of coverage for 2010 to seven (7) including the relocation site for typhoon victims. The economic conditions of the communities that GN Philippines work in still belong to the marginalized sector especially in terms of income and accessibility to basic social services. Reaserch for a new service area was conducted and a new area in the province of Batangas was chosen.

Program/Project Introduction in 2010

GN Philippines implemented direct services like rice distribution, school supplies, vitamins, drinking water, medical support to children with special medical needs and provided special services to sponsored children who where identified and assesed to be under the special case program. The number of sponsored children increased from 560 to about 2,000 in 2010 because of the population increase in Brgy, San Isidro especially in the relocation area. There was also a significant increase of about 30%  in the enrollment of our Learning Program. A new day care center was opened this year in one community to provide pre-school education to the children.  Parents of children studying in our learning and day care programs had been actively involved in the operation of the center through volunteer work in preparing the sncks and watching over the children. Community mobilizers in the housing area were also formed in the community for smooth and proper monitoring and implemetation of different sponsorship activities. Positive feedback on the involvement of the people in the community on all our programs and services makes them feel that they are important partner for the development of the community. New community projects such as urban gardening, putting up community toilets was also identified as necessary for the health and sanitation of the people. Through this programs a more healthy and green environment will help the people and may increase their economic condition. A scholarship program for children in secondary school was implemented and was formed as child rights committee to be the lead group in advocacy and campaign program on the rights of the children. The advocacy program highlighted the protection and awareness regarding children’s rights. Officials from the local government and other agencies pledged its support in the protection and welfare of the children and will provide awareness regarding child rights.

Thank you message with 2011 plan

Maraming Salamat po! Mabuhay po kayo! (Thank you very much! Wishing you a long life!)

We are very happy that the management and staff of Good Neighbors International and of course the donors has been active and generous enough to fund all our projects and provided the opportunity for our beneficiaries to be able to have access health and education. This has given hope to the communities because they know that there are people willing to help and improve thier lives. Our communities sincerely appreciate all the support of our programs and projects. For 2011 we will be implementing new programs like urban gardening, income generation, a day care center, child protection program, more activities for advocacy and set-up a new project area. It will be a big challenge to support a new area but, we are hopeful that through participation and community involvement, project implementation with go smoothly. Community Development Comittee (CDC) will be organized and actively involved for the project implementation this year. Networking with other agencies and organizations for the promotion of Good Neighbors Philippines and forming local volunteers will be our goals for this year. We would like to verbalize the gratitude of our communities and GN Phillippines staff and we are optimistic that you will continue to help us make changes in the life of our children and communities.





2010 Acitivities San Isidro Community Development Project (SICDP)


Program : Hygiene kit/Water Distribution Program

Date:  November 19, 2010

Objective: To address the need of clean drinking water to the sponsored families

Content of the activity: Families were provided with pail that contains laundry materials, hygiene kit and water container for drinking water

Outcome of the Project: Provision of safe drinking water and cleaning materials helped improved the health condition of the families especially the children




Program : Community Toilet installation

Date:  September 27 – October 24, 2010

Objective: To ensure the sanitation of the families transferred in the temporary area

Content of the activity: One unit of toilet per family was provided through community effort

Outcome of the Project: Families were able to address the sanitation problem in the temporary staging area



Program : Special Protection

Date:  August – November  2010

Objective: Provide response to sponsored children with needs special attention; especially medical or hospitalization

Content of the activity: Children who were assesed that needed immediate medical attention were assisted through medical check-up, laboratories and hospitalization

Outcome of the Project: Health condition of the children had improved



Program : Child Right’s Day

Date:  November 24, 2010

Objective: Build awareness on the rights of the child to prevent all types of abuse

Content of the activity: Puppet show was conducted in different areas, motorcade around the town together with the local government and a concert was held rendering songs that promotes child rights

Outcome of the Project: More than 2,000 children and parents attended the activity


Program : Balagbag Health Center  

Date:  July - September, 2010

Objective: To provide accessible health service to the community

Content of the activity: Renovation of the health center facility, provision of medicine and medical equipments

Outcome of the Project: Health center provides the community people with basic health services such as check-ups, maternal care and provision of medicine




Program : Children’s Christmas Party and gift giving  

Date: Dec. 20, 2010 

Objective: Sponsored children gather to share and provide happiness through showing their talents

Content of the activity: A program was held with a dance contest and snacks and gifts were provided

Outcome of the Project: There were 1, 761 sponsored children who attended and received the toys and gifts