GN Indonesia

GN Indonesia

GN Indonesia

assists tuition fees for the 200 poor children in the area in order to maintain their education.

We provide after-school programs including Tae-kwon-do classes and English classes to the 400 children of four schools. In addition, we provide health & sanitation education to a total of 7,500 students and parents of 30 schools. We distribute medications such as vermicides and anti-malaria to promote the healthy growth and development of the residents.

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Here's what we're up to in Indonesia:
Child Development
Mueulaboh Children Education Project

In March 2005, the Meulaboh Community Resconstruction Project began to concentrate on rebuilding the city after the earthquake. The project changed to the Children Education Project in August 2008 to continue work on comprehensive care activity for community children.

Community Development
Groundwater Development and Bathroom Construction Project

We are constructing bathrooms and developing groundwater at ten damaged regions and eight schools in Meulaboh to assist in reconstructing the city after the earthquake.

Meulahboh Vocational Training Project

We provided computer education to 250 teenagers and electronic engineering education to 50 people till December 2007. Through the project, we gathered talent and man-power to aid in reconstruction of the city in order to enable families to be self-supporting. We also helped expand people's skill sets in order for them to find work in professional areas and contribute to community development. Good Neighbors additionally provided English and Korean education to 100 people.