GN Egypt


1. Egypt Head Office

Good Neighbors has worked on a development project in Ezbet el Nakhl, a slum in Cairo, Egypt, since 2007. People in the area are extremely poor and most children pick through garbage for food in order to survive. For the past five years, Good Neighbors has paid for tuition and provided food and school supplies for children. Currently, Good Neighbors has sponsored about 400 children in the region and assisted local people through literacy and career-training programs.

2. Ezbet el Nakhl Community Development Project

Since 2007, Good Neighbors has been running a community development project in Ezbet el Nakhl, supporting school tuition, supplies, and uniforms, as well as providing food and necessities for poor families in the region. In addition, through after school programs, literacy education, and English and computer classes, Good Neighbors is working hard to improve the educational environment in the community. For adults, vocational training such as sewing skills and cosmetology class help them generate more income. Good Neighbors also provides health education and medical checkup services, and installed toilets so that residents can live in a healthy, sanitary environment.

3. El Saadna Community Development Project

Good Neighbors has been running a community development project in El Saadna since 2011. The organization pays for tuition, school supplies, and after-school programs for 400 elementary and middle school students. Good Neighbors also provides school meals, mobile health clinics, and water facilities so that community residents can easily access health care services and clean, portable water. In addition, Good Neighbors offers micro-finance programs and operates a community center for local residents.

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