About Us


So you want to be Good Neighbors with us?

We look at the world not in terms of classes or borders. We see people. When you've met the kind of people we have, you'll discover the same thing: people are capable of anything. Our approach is simple but effective. We are enablers. We teach people to create a new future for themselves. Our projects work to enact lasting change, and we are constantly challenging ourselves to change the world. In the end, the effect of poverty is only as strong as we let it become.

We will work anywhere where need exists regardless of race, nationality, religion, ideology, and geographical constraints.

Good Neighbors has a presence in 27 different countries allowing us to support 600 million people and 80,000 children.

Child Development:
We work to protect preschoolers and children who have been neglected due to poverty. Our projects encourage their physical and emotional development by providing them with fundamental education, medical care, and nutritious meals.

Community Development:
not in terms of classes or borders. We see people. When you've met the kind of people we have, you'll We believe that self-sufficiency is the key to eliminating poverty. We provide vocational training, develop local agriculture, and establish infrastructure.

Health & Sanitation:
We provide medical services and health-related education to reduce the mortality rate and prevent diseases like malaria, parasites, and AIDS. We also make it a priority to develop access to safe, portable water.

We empower marginalized groups of women and children through our education programs. Our projects aim to raise awareness and cooperate with local organizations in order to lift these groups from poverty.

Global Networking:
We organize various resources that lie in project sites and rely on the residents' active participation in projects. We build strong partnerships with volunteers, community leaders, local governments, and other organizations.

Emergency Relief:
We are the first to respond to natural and man-made disasters. We were on the ground during the civil war in Rwanda; the earthquakes in Pakistan, India, and Turkey; the Afghanistan war; and the tsunami in South Asia.