Good Neighbors is an international, non-profit humanitarian organization committed to child education, community development, and emergency relief projects in 35 countries around the world. We have fundraising offices in the USA, Korea, and Japan, and an International Cooperation Office in Geneva.

Currently, more than 2,000 professional staff and 20,000 volunteers--ranging from doctors and nurses to engineers and professors--support approximately 16.8 million people, including 9.6 million children. Our projects include building clean water wells in Africa, providing new cookstoves for families in Guatemala, and sponsoring children in Chad, Guatemala, Malawi, and Nepal. We fundraise and network with other organizations through offices in the USA, Korea, Japan, and Switzerland. We also partner with local governments, international donor agencies, and local communities to raise public awareness about development problems and solutions, and advocate for change. In 1996, Good Neighbors received the prestigious General Consultative Status with the United Nations and in 2007, we were awarded the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Award.

Good Neighbors USA opened its Los Angeles office in 2007, which currently handles fundraising, donor management, volunteer programs, and marketing campaigns for all major projects.